On 03:11 AM 30/07/2002 +0100, Terry Harris said:
>On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 12:39:09 +0100, John A. Ross wrote:
> >Just D/L it
>So did I.   My impressions after 30 minutes....
>1. Major Major cosmetic surgery.

Some of it nice - some of it a little annoying for skilled users.

>2. It took me about 20 minutes to get the first application exception error
>- not bad for a Protel 1.00 version (although it calls itself 7.0.xxx).

Yep. How did you get it?

>3. Design databases appear to have vanished (although libraries still seem
>to be held in access databases). I seem to remember the early bumph about
>DX offering a choice of design storage - I assumed the two existing systems
>and a less screwed up version of the existing file system database.

I think this is due to the problems of making the DDB (actually JET DB 
files) work under version control. If the view is taken that version 
control is of increasing importance, and the DDB can not be made to work 
effectively within a VCS, then maybe the decision to dump the DDB is 
understandable.  I guess I will miss it for a while at least, if I make the 
move to DXP.

I know many of us have been wanting good VCS integration and many others 
did not like the DDB at all.  Maybe the union of these two groups is more 
than 50% of users?  Dunno.

>4. Version control - a big cop out. Says it supports Microsoft SCC version
>control interface specification (which means it will probably work with
>Microsoft Visual Source Safe and nothing else). They scrapped the Access
>database which lets you use a file based version control system and put in
>few trivial hooks to call it.  A useful version control system needs diff,
>and you can't diff Protel file formats with a 3rd party tool. DXP has some
>kind of new compare engine but I didn't see anything to suggest this would
>help manage versions in a VCS.

It works with others.  I have Perforce going and DXP seems to access that 
OK.  There are SCC add-ons for all the normal version control systems as well.

>5. It looks like there is lots of new (and probably welcome) stuff in the
>core tools (PCB, and SCH) but I didn't look at them much yet - got too hung
>up trying to convert a file system based project.

The biggy I think - globals are different, it would seem *much* more 
powerful but different.

Me thinks there will be a deal more discussion on this line over the next 
few weeks.

Ian Wilson

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