I went to download the release demo recently & noticed that some tutorials
had been published as well. Providing you had ATS...

The irony present gave me cause for a good chuckle.

Take Global edits for example.
    * The system has changed dramatically & has provided some very useful
    * The system is vastly different
    * The idea of a sample is to attract Customers to fork out the reddies
for a purchase/upgrade
    * The more that you can do to introduce the product the greater the
likelihood of the funds getting transferred

Then in comes the bean counter who has decided to destroy one of the major
attractions that the Protel product had...
    * Stop the potential customer from maximising his introduction to the
product by blocking access to what was a
       useful resource as a thinly veiled excuse to justify the presence of
ATS. Which according to the general views on the
       list is really pissing everyone off...

I just love watching the daily reports of major organizations making the
move to Open Office et al as a result of Microsoft squeezing too hard.  It
goes to prove that people don't appreciate being imprisoned by their
software vendor & the fact that someone is big enough to get away with it
only creates the atmosphere to ensure that eventually an alternative will
arise from the soup.  For those who care to remember this is a primary
reason as to why Protel has enjoyed such success in the Market place.


Don Ingram

P.S My money is with Ian, in the past we have used Prottle as a point to
rage against.

It was very useful in stopping us from argueing amongst ourselves;-)

People like Ian, Abd & many others have provided enormous assistance to me
over the years and part of the secret to the success of the list has been
the courteous manner in which people treat each other. Discussions may have
become spirited but remained respectful. I for one would dearly like to keep
it that way. So take it easy on the Starbucks man!

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