This is what Protel suggests to load a netlist:
Protel Knowledge Base
Item - 3439

Query: How do I load a netlist into my PCB in Protel DXP?

Answer: Transferring design data from one design domain to another in Protel
DXP is done using DXP s design synchronizer, which includes a comparison
engine, and ECO generator, and an updater. This is used to transfer
differences between the schematics and the PCB, or a netlist and a PCB.

To transfer the differences between a netlist and a PCB do the following:
1. With the PCB open select Projects   Show Differences from the menus.
2. In the Choose Documents to Compare dialog, click the Advanced Mode
button. The dialog will change to display 2 columns, select the PCB in one
and the netlist in the other, and click the OK button. Don t forget to add
the appropriate PCB footprint libraries into the library list, or
alternatively, include them in the project.
3. The differences dialog will appear, listing all differences found between
the netlist and the PCB. Note - the comparison options are configured in the
Project Options dialog.
4. To transfer all the changes from the netlist to the PCB, right click in
the dialog and select Update >> PCB from the menu. The dialog will update to
show what changes will be carried out.
5. Click the Create Engineering Change Order button.
6. The Engineering Change Order dialog will appear listing all the change
actions, click the Validate Changes button. Scroll down the list to confirm
that the changes can be performed.
7. Click the Execute Changes button to update the PCB.
8. When the updates are complete, close the dialog.

The PCB will now include the components and the connection lines.

Blah Blah Blah  that is alot of steps and Im not even sure this is what you
want.  I just looked at Mentor Expedition and they cant load an external
netlist either.   Well they just lost me as a potential customer because
none of my customers use Mentor schematic capture. They either use Orcad,
PADS or Pukelogic,  I would have to re-engineer every schematic and netlist
I receive from outside Mentor to make it compatible.   Yea, that makes
perfectly good sense to me.  NOT.

Mike Reagan

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