I have a chance to acquire a legit copy of 99SE in a rather major swap of
test equipment and computer supplies with another company.  It is a rather
minor component of the whole deal, but before I trade for it, I want to make
sure that it will do what I want it to do.  As yet, perusing the
documentation that came with the 30-day trial package hasn't unearthed what
I want to know.

I am currently using (ptui, yecch) Circuitmaker 2K for my board layouts,
which are minimal to say the least.  Analog boards, 2 sided, nothing
spectacular.  However, CM2K is about as unstable a platform as I've ever
used...I actually considered going back to tape and donuts there for a

Anyway, the one thing that CM has going for it is the capability to put a
whole family of parts into the design database library and call them up into
the schematic individually by value.  And, with a little maneuvering, you
can put in your own identifiers (like company part number) and the
identifiers will ride along with the part.  Thus, calling up a bom gives you
not only the part name and description, but your own internal stockroom part
number as well.

Along with that, CM's database is a text file.  When putting in a large
number of "series" parts (as, for example, the w 5% resistors), all you
have to do is put in the first sequence.  Then by cut'n'paste, you can build
the whole series quite easily.  In addition, once you have the w family
done, the w family is really trivial to generate by copy and then a
search/replace on the differences.  If you have a whole bunch of families in
your stockroom (electrolytics, mylars, etc.) building the libraries for your
entire stockroom of a few thousand parts isn't much more than a week's work.

I can't find that capability in 99SE.  If it can be done, would somebody
please let me know where in the documentation this feature is so that I can
reread something that I didn't get the first few times?

Many thanks fer yer help.


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