Hhhm, I did exactly that, made a complete library of our stocked parts
then used the (horribly slow) database link feature to update our part
numbers into the schematic.  The link feature just uses an excel file
(good for copy paste) and export it as dbase4.  I believe Ian Wilson
wrote a better (and faster) version of database linking direct to an
excel sheet but I havent gotten around to trying it.   I then used a
simple vb script with excel (launched from with protel and hidden) to
format the BOM to our internal style with or without prices etc.

Hope that helps!


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I have a chance to acquire a legit copy of 99SE in a rather major swap
of test equipment and computer supplies with another company.  It is a
rather minor component of the whole deal, but before I trade for it, I
want to make sure that it will do what I want it to do.  As yet,
perusing the documentation that came with the 30-day trial package
hasn't unearthed what I want to know.

I am currently using (ptui, yecch) Circuitmaker 2K for my board layouts,
which are minimal to say the least.  Analog boards, 2 sided, nothing
spectacular.  However, CM2K is about as unstable a platform as I've ever
used...I actually considered going back to tape and donuts there for a

Anyway, the one thing that CM has going for it is the capability to put
a whole family of parts into the design database library and call them
up into the schematic individually by value.  And, with a little
maneuvering, you can put in your own identifiers (like company part
number) and the identifiers will ride along with the part.  Thus,
calling up a bom gives you not only the part name and description, but
your own internal stockroom part number as well.

Along with that, CM's database is a text file.  When putting in a large
number of "series" parts (as, for example, the w 5% resistors), all you
have to do is put in the first sequence.  Then by cut'n'paste, you can
build the whole series quite easily.  In addition, once you have the w
family done, the w family is really trivial to generate by copy and
then a search/replace on the differences.  If you have a whole bunch of
families in your stockroom (electrolytics, mylars, etc.) building the
libraries for your entire stockroom of a few thousand parts isn't much
more than a week's work.

I can't find that capability in 99SE.  If it can be done, would somebody
please let me know where in the documentation this feature is so that I
can reread something that I didn't get the first few times?

Many thanks fer yer help.


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