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>As I understand it you want to have one library part for each part number
>in your system, and you want the part information in a field.

If you have a company part number for every resistor and you want to be 
able to
place a resistor symbol on to your schematic with the value do the following.
Create symbol and give it your company number. Place the company number in one
of eight library fields under description(always use same library fields 
ie field 1)and add footprint. Under group for that number give the value. In
schematic all ways select symbol by value. This will match value to part number
and footprint. Never allow anyone to change a resistor by changing the 
value on the
schematic. Always go back to the library for a new resistor. You don't want 
to explain
to your boss how you are going to get that 1 watt resistor in that 0805 
space. Use
one library to resistor size and tolerance. Can't go wrong.
Capacitors are a little tuft but doable. One library with symbol name as value
tol type and voltage. Put company part in same location. Use Reports - Bill 
of Materials
to extract info.

>One way to do this is to add component names to the component for every
>partnumber. So than the library item RESISTOR would also have names equal
>to all your resistor part numbers. Unfortunately this does not allow you
>to match the value to the part number unless you put it in the name.

see above

>  The
>other way is to copy the component, rename it to the part number and add
>the part number information to the library fields. Some people use the
>dBase link to pull the part number information into the part fields after
>the parts are placed on the schematic, but since I use Access not dBase
>and the link is slow I don't use it.
>So yes it is do-able with a little work.
>Hope this helps,
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