> Yes, there is pin swapping within DXP. This is a horrible pox. Why would
> anyone wish to declare pin 1 is really pin 5 ?

That's not what pin swapping is supposed to be.  Pin swapping is where the
pins retain their proper numberings, but the nets that they are connected to
can be swapped.  Protel PCB v2.8 had this feature, and they took it away in
later versions.  Pin swapping is very useful when a PCB must be laid out for
2 layers, and signals must be flowed from one component to another without
vias.  I used this feature extensively on a PCB back in 1996.  I created the
schematic, brought the netlist into PCB, routed and swapped pins, then
corrected the schematic to match the routed PCB.  It was impressive the
amount of circuitry I put on that 2 layer PCB.  A photo of the board (see
"I/O Board") is here:  http://www.bagotronix.com/custom.html  Yes, that's a
2-layer PCB!

Gate swapping is also useful for optimizing routing when you are using
multi-part components, such as a 74HC14 hex inverter.

I would like to see these features put back into Protel 99SE.  If they have
made it back into DXP, that's good, I suppose.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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Subject: [PEDA] SP7 and beyond

> To all...
> It is obvious the major failings of DXP are no doubt due to a failure of
> Altium to survey its client base to see what would be truly desired within
> new product. The 'we think you want' policy does work well when viewed
> against the 'we can go away' reaction.
> There *has* to be an intent to merger PCAD and Protel some point in the
> future. The talk of PCAD as a high end solution is just a Linus factor. I
> have done far more work in a less painful fashion with 99SE, at a tremdous
> cost savings. I took the time to accept the learning curve that was not
> taken as acceptable by a PCAD user. My point is, I do not like endless hot
> keys. For a mechanical designer, the same evolutions exists for AutoCad
> users who have migrated from Desktop to Inventor.
> If my early perceptions were correct, with the Accel buy out, there was a
> import engine offered as a Protel feature six months into this game. There
> was also a buy-in incentive as well. I preceive there was no mass
> to Protel because of 'the scare factor' that was all so evident when 98
> users met 99. This is not the same for DXP. 99SE was/is good. Not
> just good in a manner that is lean and very efficient to me. 98, while
> good never consolidated a work effort within a common, controllable,
> database. This is a feature I have come to admire.
> Yes, there is pin swapping within DXP. This is a horrible pox. Why would
> anyone wish to declare pin 1 is really pin 5 ? The only plus within DXP is
> that there is an intent to merger the SCH/PCB libraries. That is fine *if*
> the user is in ultimate control, not the s/w. The fact that the DDB regime
> 'may' disappear means, I have to go back and police libraires and
> all over again. Links ? Links can be broken, confused or just simply lost.
> When multiple designers manipulate a common library without a
> manager, life is just aweful. All I want to say is, I need no more
> Like many others, I will support ATS if it means SP7 will arrive to give
> the time to sort out its bugs. To me, it was SP3 that accomplished much of
> that for 99SE. After SP5, I saw no major improvements that affected my
> designs directly. With DXP, I do not have the time to fix things I did not
> want to see broke in the first place.
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