No one responded to my post (see below) yesterday, perhaps it came in too
late because of the delays on the forum. I was hoping to hear some comments,
particularly some clarification from Protel. 

This following is a quote from today's press release:

"Altium will offer customers increased flexibility with choices for hotline
phone support and pre-paid
upgrades for those that require direct access to product support
specialists, and/or predictable annual
software costs. There will be no disadvantages for customers that prefer to
maintain their software on an
upgrade-by-upgrade basis. All current ATS contracts will be honored in full,
with ATS customers
continuing to receive both hotline phone support and product upgrades."

Please help me to understand this. While ATS is said to be scraped (Thank
you Altium, this is a very encouraging development, and as one of the long
time customers, convinces me to take another hopeful look at continuing with
Protel software), yet this paragraph seems to imply that some users will pay
for "hotline phone support and pre-paid upgrades", and ATS contracts will be
honored in full. What meaneth this ? Is ATS scraped or not? Why would some
customers pay a fee to recieve special support, while others will recieve it
for free. This sounds like some users will be paying for the bug fixes while
others users wait and recieve the free service packs. I am just a little
confused here !

I will add my voice to all the others. I would very much appreciate a SP7
for P99SE with sensitivity to all the requests made by the many users on
this forum. I am able to use P99SE and function with it quite proficiently,
but like others, I can see room for improvements, and a need to stamp out
the bugs. After reviewing DXP and following the comments of other users, it
is clear that DXP (at least for me) is an unworkable solution. I am not
interesting in relearning the software all over again, and finding it more
cumbersome to perform the same tasks I did easily in 99SE. I just want to
see the product, that I have spent so much time trying to master, continuing
to improve in functional development and stability. This does not require a
complete revamping of the user interface, and a complicating of well known
practices and procedures. 

Again, many thanks to Altium, for this encouraging press release. So glad to
know you have considered your customers !

Daniel Webster
Northern Airborne Techology
Kelowna, BC, Canada

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From: Phil Loughhead [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 12:31 AM
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Subject: [PEDA] Protel service packs will be free to all users

Hi All,
We'd like to inform you that Altium has changed its policy on access to
service pack updates for its products. In light of feedback from
customers, it has been decided that all product service packs will be
made available free of charge to all users. 
Providing designers with easy access to the best design technology has
always been a core value of Altium, and we thank you for reminding us of
this. We would like to acknowledge the valuable feedback this group has
given about the importance that free service packs have for the Protel
For further details there is a press release available at:
Best regards,
Phil Loughhead
Protel Product Manager
Altium Limited

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