On 02:57 PM 14/10/2002 -0400, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
>At 09:19 AM 10/14/2002 -0400, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>And that, in liue of the useless blather about "Four ways may not be used
>>for any reason" coming from the two-year school, is all that matters.
>My, my, what a way with words! Mr. Jenkins could write a book, "How to 
>offend and drive away people." It would be a classic. 'Lieue' was 
>mispelled, BTW, not that PCB designers are expected to be English majors.
>P.S. Draw the classical transitor amplifier.
>What's a "transitor"?
>It is true that, sometimes, a four-way junction can represent a circuit 
>just a little more compactly than two three-way junctions. The compactness 
>is not at all worth the potential confusion.

Abd ul-Rahman,

Unlike you to be a bit narky.  More like the sort of thing I would do :-)

BTW Andrew, I just had a quick scan through that most basic of bibles 
(Horowitz and Hill) and none of their transistor amps have a four way 
tie.  In fact a quick scan through the book failed to find any four-way ties.

Yes there is a bug and it should be fixed. The situation is in fact a 
little more complex than originally stated. Holger Rusch is doing the major 
running on this issue.

The other point that has been brought up is valid (four-way ties) as well 
and it is not only "two-year school"ies that argue the point.  I do as 
well, and I am not alone.  I have a little more than 2-years of 
schooling.  I do not follow all standards (this is a standard in one of our 
electrical sch drawing standards) but I do try to consider which are 
sensible and which are just old fogies wanting to pretend they are still 

Would I ever violate my own desire for no four-way ties? Maybe.  But I 
would hope I did so with good reason and after having considered whether 
there was a different way.  I would probably also put a net label on at 
least each arm of the net and possibly on all four points of the tie.  Make 
the point clear and even if the junction did go walkies the connectivity is 
still OK.

Ian Wilson

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