On 11:31 AM 16/10/2002 -0700, Brad Velander said:
>         I don't believe there is any fix for this problem. One Work-around
>that 'doesn't' work is to place a fill of the appropriate size and shape
>over the pad because when Gerbered the fill also gets drawn instead of
>flashed. I have usually found that the draw was with such a small aperture
>that it didn't round the corners very much.
>         How much is yours being rounded, what size is the pad, what size
>aperture is used in the drawn Gerber? I would expect the pad is being drawn
>with an aperture of 10mil or less, then that is only a 5 mil radius. Is your
>engineer being too paranoid, our engineers have never worried about such
>minute details even at 35 - 40GHz?


I think there may be a sort of fix.

One fix is to ensure there is a smaller aperture in your design.  Add in a 
2mil string somewhere (on a mech layer) to force inclusion of a 2-mill apt 
and it should paint the corners with this smaller apt.  At least this was 
how you could improve things way back in the Autotrax days (by including a 
small apt in the apt file) - the current pad and fill drawing code may well 
be similar.

I haven't tested this to confirm the old behavior.

In general Protel will flash what it can, but some things will be drawn, 
and I believe with the smallest available apt - but I could be wrong.  A 
nice option would be to allow the pad and fill drawing code to request an 
apt, size set by the user, if only larger ones are used elsewhere in the 
design.  So you could control the maximum radii of corners.

If I was really fussed about repeatable boards, I would run a track on the 
outside of my fill to make sure that *all* plotted versions looked the 
same.  Nothing was left to chance.  It would mean all rotated fills had, 
controlled, rounded corners.  A pain with rotated pads if there are lots of 

Bye for now,

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