I remember a similar situation. You could try two approaches:

1. save the DDB in spite of the error messages, close it. and do a "repair
" on this DDB. This helped me in one case.
2. Create a new DDB, and copy all documents from the DDB with the error
message into the new one, and then work from there. This also helps

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Hello everybody out there.

Here is an ONtopic question and I hope there is somebody left to read it
and give me a advice for a solution ;-)
For I did not find any Answer in the manual and the Knowledge base.

I have got a Problem during creating and opening a new schematic. Let me
A colleague of mine (in fact, my Boss) created a new DDB on his Machine and
put one schematic in it.
For he is in a hurry like every important person, he still is working on
99SE SP2 (!)
He passed the DDB to me to add an other schematic and do the Layout job.
Now, I added the missing symbols and footprints to our LIB, added the PCB
outlines, (VME3u629, from Protel3.4 examples)
and tried to add the needed schematic by clicking
File|New|SchematicDocument. Worked fine so far.
Now I try to open the new schematic, and got the Error mesage:
"File format not recognized"
after clicking the OK button it opened (!) and I got the message:
"Access violation at adress 0D6C8179 in Module ADVSCH.DLL. Read of Adress
one more OK and one more of the same message and one more OK, it seams like
I can work normally.
But I am an fearfull guy and dont trust a design with three error mesages.
Maybe there will come up one more? Or my design will be destroyed without
any further message???
So I desided to ask the gurus among you.
Did Anybody see this behavior before? Any experience with such problems?

Me I am working on 99SE SP6 on M$ WIN98.

Thank you in advance for any Information


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