I use a mechanical layer for part outlines, polarity marks, designator strings, and 
orientation marks. On boards with parts on both sides I unlock bottom side components 
and move the mechanical details to another mechanical layer. All of the ".designator" 
strings must be rotated for 2 axis readablity. For most rectangular boards I create 
the title block and border in protel and generate PDFs for the drill drawing, parts 
locator drawing and fabrication specification. With parts on both sides I need to make 
a mirrored title block for the bottom side parts locator page.
 On boards with complex shapes I will generally use a mechanical layer to draw the 
router path usually 0.093" diameter tool. Then export the completed design to autocad 
and produce the fabrication specification within autocad and again produce a PDF for 
the board house.
 When possible I prefer to use protel for all the board documents. If protel had 
better dimensioning tools and mirroring control for plotting title blocks/borders 
there would be no need for autocad for any of our board layouts.

Dave Eloranta
Locus Inc.
5540 Research Park Dr.
Madison, WI

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I have a question about how to handle Assembly Drawing plots. 
Does everyone use the Protel package with assembly drawing instructions on
mechanical layers for submitting?...
..Or paste the board into another .PCB file with assembly instruction
template and print size to fit page for the manf....
..Or export a DXF and import into another software package with a Assembly
Drawing template ready for editing before submitting? 
 Also, I can generate PDF, SolidWorks, or Autocad files for the assembly
manufactures to receive. I am just curious what is the most popular among
you guys that actually use Protel and generate the files. 
It seems easy for me to add the assembly instructions on the Mechanical
layers and print to a PDF format, but it sometimes can be too big for the
11x17 paper size and may even distort the film size when creating Gerber

Any help or replies are appreciated,

Michael J B

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