Mr. Lomax
You identified my problem. The pads are top Layer with a hole specified.
Does DXP have this fixed?

thank you

Dave Eloranta
5540 Research Park Dr.
Madison, WI

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At 12:25 PM 11/21/2002, Mike Reagan wrote:
>You didnt mention if this was a result of  a split plane passing thru the
>hole.....This  is the only time I have ever encountered a short in which
>DRC did not catch it.  Actually it is the only DRC that has ever failed for

If I am correct, such a split plane will generate a warning; since most
such warnings are spurious, 'tis easy to ignore....

There are other aspects to the problem that were not mentioned. In
particular, what were the exact specifications of the "alignment pin holes"
that caused the short. I can reproduce the problem if I make them surface
pads with holes.

The left hand of Protel assumes that a surface pad has no hole nor any
other presence on inner layers, therefore no blowout is generated in
planes. The right hand cheerfully generates the hole in a drill file, with
the nuisance results reported. Usually it can be fixed by drilling out the
hole a bit.

It's a bug, albeit a well-known one. (Protel should either lock out holes
from surface pads or properly treat them. In general and in the long run,
holes as primitives should become logically separate from pads, so that
off-center holes become easy. That is, a pad may have a hole associated
with it but holes could also exist independently, plated or non-plated. And
a plated hole is essentially a padless via....)

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