I think this happens when Protel has problem writing to the ini-file. I think it does so rather often to store information about recent files etc. If something goes wrong this file will be corrupted. Usually the information about the servers are at the end of this Protel99SE.ini file( I think it is in this ini-file). A good idea is to backup this ini-file when you have a good install.

/Mattias Ericson

Dennis Saputelli wrote:

yes to the first
it just happened to us too
lost all servers for no apparent reason
after getting them set back up the software didn't work correctly at all
(for example could not dbl click on objects which should respond to dbl
finally had to re-install all
then fix the Select Hole size routine for the umpteenth time
then patch the menus back
what a pain

as to the the disappearing DDB, no (knock on wood) not yet

Tim Fifield wrote:

Has anybody ever just all of a sudden have Protel uninstall all the servers
and licenses?

This happened to a coworker this morning. He was using Protel; went to open
a different .ddb and it would just sit there. We had a look at the servers
list and all except 3 were gone. We looked at the licenses box and it was
just blank.

I've had this happen to me before but not to this extent, only just a few.

An a related note, the .ddb file I was working on yesterday was missing from
the folder that I store it in on the network. I had to get it from the
backup tape created last night.

Any thoughts?

Tim Fifield

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