Firstly I have to thank you for confirming the "Protel Folk Lore", and
"Protel Legend", that I mention in my parallel post, but I also have to tell
you that I still have not stopped laughing at the timing and content of your
post below.

You see, when I got a "doorbell" sound from my Microsoft Outlook Express
Mailbox notifying me of new email, I looked up to find not one, but two
posts which I had just received from the forum, both with the identical
Subject, and both with the identical timestamp of 1/8/03 12:49 PM, the first
being the one that I am responding to here, and the second being my own
post, part of the contents of which you confirm below.

One of the reasons that I am still laughing, aside from your confirmation of
my statements, is that while you below state that I appear to be from
another planet (actually though, it's only another hemisphere), I kind of
accuse you of the same thing by saying that you (Australians from "South of
the Border") appear to consider us (Americans, Canadians, and Europeans) to
be "Second Class Citizens".

Must be all the blood pooling to the top of your head from being upside down
on the bottom of the world ;-)

Anyway, on to reality.

You say that you received the CD 2 weeks ago, so I think that you may be the
one to answer some questions regarding the new CD.

What happened is that I  decided to try answer my own question (from the
bottom of my previous post) by looking at the new CD.

The CD itself is labeled Protel DXP Service Pack 2 Update, , and while it
does not actually say that it is a "Full Installation" of DXP SE, it does
have the little "logo" that says "Includes Service Pack 2".

Among other things, the CD clearly has printed on it the statement "for more
information refer to the README.TXT file".

Herein lies the first problem, because there is no README.TXT file anywhere
on the CD.

Anyway, I loaded  the CD and it did an autorun to give me a setup dialog
which gave me 3 options: 1) Install Service Pack 2; and 2) Install DXP; and
3) Exit.

I selected Exit and looked at the CD itself, and found that it contained
only 249 meg of data, as compared to some 518 meg of data on the original
DXP CD. At first glance it appears that much of what is contained on the new
CD is archived into .cab "cabinet" files (59 of them), but then again the
new CD does not appear to contain any Libraries. These Libraries took up
some 278 meg on the original CD but for some reason ended up taking up some
320 meg once installed (possibly cluster size?).

Anyway, it is obvious that possibly everything (a full DXP SE installation
including all of the libraries, and additionally a complete SP2 Upgrade)
might not actually be on the CD, so rather than guess, I thought I would ask
you, since you appear to be familiar with the new CD, I thought you might be
able to answer the following questions.

What exactly does the new CD contain?

What, if anything, is missing from the new CD?

Do I need to reinstall or my current installation?



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> On 08:20 AM 8/01/2003 -0500, Mike Reagan said:
> >Ian
> >I think you missed Jamies humor.       But I think Jamie may be wrong
> >the 99 -99SE transition.     99 had several support packs   maybe not
> >service packs .  99SE was released as a "new" product.  I am waiting for
> >DXP to arrive any day now,   I am glad Altium pressed a new CD.
> >
> >
> >Mike Reagan
> Wouldn't be the first time - different planets I think.  :-)
> Jami's memory regarding P99SE is pretty much correct. P99 was released
> followed by a service pack (SP1).  At about this time there was discussion
> by users and a poll that covered a number of desired features and
> stability/speed issues.  Shortly after P99SE was released that included
> encompassed P99 SP2.  SE was given free to all P99 users.  P99SE included
> almost all of the new features that had been discussed by the forum.  Due
> to changes in the file format (to include the new mech layers and other
> stuff), I guess Protel (as it was at the time) saw a difficulty in calling
> it simply a service pack since it had a different incompatible file format
> - hence P99SE.  So P99SE is P99sp2 with additional features.  The P99
> product essentially died when the product branched to P99SE - but this is
> really semantics isn't it.
> Ian

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