Thanks Mike, I was afraid that there would be a few out there that wouldn't
quite get the pun.

For those who still might not get it, here goes.

A while back, here in this forum (or possibly one of the Yahoo! counterparts
of this forum), I made some references to Protel 99 and Protel 99 SE as if
they were two separate products, and I was soundly corrected, and told that
they were in fact the same product, which had been originally released as
Protel 99, which had a lot of problems and shortcomings (i.e.: didn't work),
but which had undergone such radical changes that at the time that Service
Pack 2 was released that it was actually renamed and became Protel 99 SE
(for Second Edition (just as in Windows 98 SE)).

This is what I was told.

I can't vouch for it's accuracy, since I wasn't there.

I am only going on what to me is "Protel Folk Lore", propagated by the
Elders of the Protel World and the Keepers (or is it Makers) of Protel

With this "Tradition" of releasing a product that has a lot of shortcomings
and major problems (i.e.: doesn't work), and then finally getting things
together and undergoing a radical change by the time of the Service Pack 2
level, I saw a direct parallel with the current Protel DXP situation where
Protel / Altium even announced in advance to all of its Licensees that it
would be issuing a new Protel DXP CD when it released Service Pack 2, due to
the major changes and upgrades to the product.

Hence, in reading the Letter that accompanied the Distribution of the new
Protel DXP CD, which stated among other things (such as the addition of the
nVisage capabilities) that Service Pack 2 provided "significant improvements
to the system's PCB design capabilities", and went on to state that "This
service pack constitutes a major update to the entire end-to-end product", I
was totally overwhelmed with the epic proportions of the event in which
history was actually repeating itself right before my eyes.

It was in this sense of Ecstasy of the Moment that I posted my previous
message wherein I proposed that WE (the Users and Licensees) should now
rename Protel DXP as Protel DXP SE, in keeping with the Illustrious History,
Folk Lore, and Tradition, that has brought us to this monumental and
momentous point.

Please note that I never said that Protel / Altium called it SE (Second
Edition), but that I only said that WE (the Users and Licensees) should call
it SE (Second Edition) in keeping with the fact that Protel / Altium seems
to not be able to get it right the first time around, and only approaches a
functional product by the time of the "Second Edition" at Service Pack 2.

One only has to read Altium / Protel's own statements to realize that this
truly is in fact a "Second Edition" of the Protel DXP Product.

I hereby once again propose that WE (the Users and Licensees) proclaim the
new Service Pack 2 release of Protel DXP as Protel DXP SE, in keeping with
Tradition, Folk Lore, etc., unless of course there are those out there that
believe that it isn't quite ready yet for the honors, and still needs a
little more work.

All kidding aside, since I personally am not only a User, but also a
Licensee, I am personally very happy to see that the original Protel DXP has
undergone this metamorphosis in to what even Altium / Protel virtually calls
a new product, which now finally appears to be "ready for release".

Now it appears that we can finally sit down and dig in and begin to use
Protel DXP SE as a Functional Product which we can begin to productively use
and rely on. This of course does not mean that unlike it's predecessor
Protel 99 / Protel 99 SE, Protel DXP SE will not need it's own additional 5
(yes 5) Service Packs.

My only question is, why did it take so much kicking and screaming to get us
to this point.

Actually, I really do have another question too, and that is: Do I have to
re-install it (I currently have the original DXP installed with the full
Service Pack 2 also installed)?


By the way Ian, I know that you guys South of the Border down there really
do consider everybody else in the world as Second Class Citizens so to speak
(American Slang), but how come you got your CD "a couple of weeks ago", and
we are only getting ours now?

* * * * * *

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> Ian
> I think you missed Jamies humor.       But I think Jamie may be wrong
> the 99 -99SE transition.     99 had several support packs   maybe not
> service packs .  99SE was released as a "new" product.  I am waiting for
> DXP to arrive any day now,   I am glad Altium pressed a new CD.
> Mike Reagan
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> > On 11:37 AM 7/01/2003 -0800, JaMi Smith said:
> > >Just got my DXP SE CD in the mail.
> > >
> > >While Altium doesn't call it "SE" for "Second Edition", they (and we
> > >do consider the changes to be massive enough to "re-press" the CD and
> > >re-issue it to every licensee, which if I understand correctly, is
> > >what happened to Protel 99 at SP2 (Service Pack 2), when it became
Protel 99
> > >SE.
> > >
> > >I therefore propose that henceforth and forever more DXP shall be known
> > >DXP SE (or at least until the Third Edition (DXP TE) arrives which is
> > >out next month)!
> >
> > I don't get this - I have never seen nor heard of a DXP SE.  Are you
> > you are not talking about a CD-ROM with DXP service pack 2?  I received
> > of these a couple of weeks ago.
> >
> > Ian

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