On 04:06 PM 31/01/2003 -0800, Peter W. Richards said:
I'm working on a design that will have many (like 32) copies of a single subcircuit. I'm trying to use Protel99SE's 'complex hierarchy' to implement this.

I've created one sub-sheet for the subcircuit (call it "amp.sch") that will be replicated. In the toplevel sheet (say "top.sch") I've created several sheet symbols that all refer to the sub-sheet "amp.sch".

When I netlist I get only one instance of amp.sch, and the various inputs/outputs to the different instances of amp.sch all get shorted together. Not what I want.

According to the online help, the command 'Tools/Complex to Simple' is supposed to flatten the design, duplicating subsheets as necessary so that each subsheet is referenced once--so then you can netlist/annotate correctly.

Problem is when I select 'Complex to Simple', nothing at all happens.

Any ideas? Should I even be trying complex hierarchy at all? Or is it one of those things that look good on paper but don't work so well in real life?
This is where the channel feature of DXP would be useful. I have not done any testing on this feature but others have and I gather it works well at the Sch level and pretty well, with some limitations, at the PCB level - including the ability to copy the track format of one room (channel) to the other channels. It is undergoing some development in improving the PCB format copying, I gather (to copy free pads I think).

Not much help, though if you don't have DXP. The price/time/benefit tradeoff of paying for an upgrade for essentially just one PCB would be interesting. I suspect that the better channel handling of DXP would save more that the upgrade price in time *if* one was already proficient in DXP - the killer though would probably be the drop in productivity for the first couple of weeks as one comes to grips with the changes.

If you have many such channelised designs it may well be worth trialling the upgrade as the channel feature is one of the big name features.

I know this doesn't help you get your design out now though. I am not a fan of any design that requires use of Compex-to-Simple since it mucks about with designators and adds sheets and so makes design maintenance harder. At least so it seems to me.


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