I should have read your post with more attention.

It sometimes works, but I don't have time to find out what it is that makes it work. 
Usually, I make copies of the channels manually and then annotate. There is another 
problem with complex hierarchy, and it is that once you execute 'Complex to Simple' 
you can't go back to complex. Any further changes you make will have to be done 
manually in individual files, unless you saved a copy of the complex design somewhere 

Hope this is more to the point.



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I'm working on a design that will have many (like 32) copies of a single subcircuit.  
I'm trying to use Protel99SE's 'complex hierarchy' to implement this.  

I've created one sub-sheet for the subcircuit (call it "amp.sch") that will be 
replicated.  In the toplevel sheet (say "top.sch") I've created several sheet symbols 
that all refer to the sub-sheet "amp.sch".

When I netlist I get only one instance of amp.sch, and the various inputs/outputs to 
the different instances of amp.sch all get shorted together.  Not what I want.

According to the online help, the command 'Tools/Complex to Simple' is supposed to 
flatten the design, duplicating subsheets as necessary so that each subsheet is 
referenced once--so then you can netlist/annotate correctly.

Problem is when I select 'Complex to Simple', nothing at all happens.

Any ideas?  Should I even be trying complex hierarchy at all?  Or is it one of those 
things that look good on paper but don't work so well in real life?

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