>>Apparently, however, Protel connects sheet entry ports to buses only by 
explicit match of the bus number. If I am correct about this, it is a 
serious deficiency...

>>To make the connectivity work as desired, without monkeying with the 
subsheets, I do not find simple. I could go on to define a workaround, but 
first, does anyone else know how to make, say X[0..3] connect to Z[4..7]?

Yes, this is EXACTLY the problem I'm having.  Protel99's weird ideas about how to 
connect buses (as I understand them) present a significant barrier to design 
re-use--if I want my sub-module's X[7..0] output to hook to Y[15..8] in the top-level, 
I have to go back and change the sub-module to either renumber the bus [15..8], or get 
rid of the buses entirely and design in terms of single wires (yech...stone 
age...maybe I'll put the netlist on punch cards while I'm at it)

>>If Protel supported net renaming, the matter could be accomplished on the 
top level. Okay, I'll describe the workaround because Protel *does* support 
net renaming, it is merely that it squawks about it.

I'll try this approach next time...I've already gone back and hacked up the design and 
converted all 're-named' buses to single wire ports. :(

I'm sure glad someone at Protel worked on that whizzy 3D board viewer instead of 
making buses/hierarchy actually work for nontrivial designs--NOT!

On a related Protel-sabotaging-design-reuse note, is there a way to create a 
sub-module and connect one of its inputs to power or ground, without getting ERC 
errors that claim I've shorted two nets (for example GND vs. the net name inside the 

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