On 07:56 AM 11/03/2003, Marshall Edge said:
I am using Protel 99SESP6 on a laptop (temporarily), so it is difficult to
use some of the shortcuts due to the lack of a number keypad. I am trying to
change the " * " shortcut key to another key.

I have used to the Client Menu to access the shortcuts tab and changed the *
to a Z.  There seems to be no problem doing this and when I start to route
pressing Z actually toggles to my next layer.  However no via is places at
all.  It doesn't seem to matter what key I replace the " * " with, I still
get no via.  As soon as I go back to the original default key, it works

Is there something else that I must do to get this operation to work
correctly with a different key?

There is special handling for keys during routing. The P99SE SDK gives some details of these event handlers. I remember seeing them in the docs.

I do recall seeing that the event handlers seem to be tied to keys rather than the events that might be associated with a key (if that makes sense). This is probably the cause of the behavior you are seeing.

These event handlers are active when the system is in interactive mode (a command is active).

What happens when you have the 'Z' key set to the function '*' normally does and you press the '*' key? The layer still changes and the via gets added.

Now trying to remember back through the documentation, it may be possible to write a server to install a new event handler to deal with the 'Z' key. But I am sure you wanted to know this...

This would seem a bit of a problem in the SDK to me - it seems that the ability to customize the key shortcuts is really only possible for the keys used top start a process. Overriding the special keys used during interactive mode seems more problematic - the results may vary according to the actual key and the function it undertakes.

If you look on the key shortcut table, there are whole lots of key shortcuts not shown - all the special shortcuts used during interactive mode are not shown (X, Y, L, etc). These seem to be hardcoded.

You have changed * to Z but this is the shortcut used to change layers, it is not the key used to trigger the special interactive routing event handler that watches for layer changes and adds a via. While you have the 'Z' key set you will see that the '*' still works during interactive routing, but can't be used to change layers when you are not in interactive mode.

This is an interesting issue, remapping of the keys should ideally be totally up to the user. I guess though that some programs don't give the customization ability that P99SE has so I don't want to be seen to be ungrateful, but this does seem an oversight in the system to me.

Bye for now,

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