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Weird problem...... It always worked fine, as far as showing correct pad
sizes for me.

It did for me too, on the full SMD boards I produced earlier. Only there I had a hassle with octagon pads (found a way around that, though: generate gerbers the usual way, import them in Camtastic, change the oblong pads to octagon pads and send the Camtastic gerbers to the fab house).

What does it do with vias? if your board doesnt have any, it may be
worthwile adding some to see what happens.

No success. The added vias show up OK, but the pads still show only mid-layer size.

I suspect you may have some strange setting on your pads in the PCB file,
perhaps? are these stock library components pads or did you DIY them?

They are homebrew (connectors, you know ;-), but what can be strange on a pad placed on the multilayer with a 63 mil hole (plated, no tenting, no override) using a pad stack (150 mil round for top and bottom and 75 mil round for midlayer pads)?
To complete the data on this pad: electrical type = load, assignded net = RXD.

After fiddling around with pads from both supplied and DIY connectors I found the culprit: it's the pad stack!
When a pad uses a pad stack the print preview gets confused: if the pad is placed on the multilayer you get the midlayer size, if it is placed on the top or bottom layer you get that size (provided the PPC settings match the layers). Apparently the previewer does not have a clear understanding of thru-hole components using a pad stack....

Funny: you can place _any_ pad (even with plating for a holesize of zero) on _any_ layer (even mechanical ones) without Protel complaining.....

Anyone else with thoughts or tips on this?

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