How about a debate on QA then... perhaps not. (so here I go)... I was
involved with writing QA for 9000, in fact every engineer and manager had
to contribute. In a nutshell, you say what you do and then you consistently
do what you have said . That's about it. In many ways it makes jobs so much
easier  having consistent process documents. Work can be handed over to
colleagues with confidence and the whole review process is much simplified.
Any engineer worth their salt, no matter how eccentric, would at one time
have kept very detailed notes and would have been regarded as superfluous
otherwise. QA in this context is just a way of retaining, disseminating and
applying this knowledge.


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> We do have a Maxim device on the board (Superb little things - I try to
> one on everything I design), but we also need some human readable
> (don't ask me why - ISO90000000000 (or whatever today's new quality
> initiative is called) nonsense!).

Now if they would just put a silicon serial number AND an RS232 xcvr pair
the SAME IC, that would be great.  Nearly all my designs get an RS-232
interface, even if it's just a PIC-based system.

ISO9000, blecchh!  No one ever produced a quality product only by following
ISO9000 documented procedures.  You've got to have the CORRECT procedures
begin with, and a good design.  Some industrial equipment companies I know
hang lots of ISO9000 paper on their lobby walls, but they would do more to
improve their products if they would heed my advice about how they wire
their machines.  No, I'm not naming names.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

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