Thanks, so it is just that the library in question still needs to be
open so the fact of having to open all libs makes sense to Protel.
However, just a thought, I believe having to have libraries
open to do this is not great, also the update function should
IMHO be done on the PCB side and as long as a set of libraies
are set up with some sort of path set or part of that project
they should not have to be open to perform an update. As it is
this would not be a problem fo rme as I only have one
library database with one footprint & one symbol library in it,
but I still don't like having to have the library open to update
it, it really should happen from PCB end.

Also one very important question (to me) about Schematic Symbol
update, when you do an update either cache or update symbol
from library (is this same in DXP) does the update ACTUALLY
update all of the data in the symbol such that (including footprint)
if there was a different footprint called out before update will
it put the new footprint defined in the library on the board
or do we still have extra steps to get that to happen properly.
You see I believe an update should really perform and update
all data in the symbol just as if you plcaced that new symbol
from the library to use. Otherwise this is not really an update.
Bob Wolfe

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> On 01:25 PM 28/05/2003, Robert M. Wolfe said:
> >Ian,
> >Let me get this straight.
> >So what you are saying here is that there really is no proper
> >update footprint?? (reason Protel does not understand the word
> >update) By that I mean if I have a library of footprints then
> >change say 10 of them. These 10 were used in a design.
> >I now would like to be able to update the footprints in the board with
> >latest that are in the library with the use of and update
> >footprint command. In DXP there is still no way to do
> >that in one update step???
> DXP comment:
> You can "push" a change, or all changes, from a PCB Library. There are two
> PCBLib update commands:
> Update PCB with Current Footprint, and,
> Update PCB with All Footprints
> These go some way to updating a design but there is no way (yet) of
> updating all (or some) of the footprints in a PCB, from all the
> libraries. You have to open each library and run one of the above
> Nick Martin has written, in the public DXP forum:
> "This is definately(sic) an area we will be looking to improve on in the
> future."
> So we have some progress in DXP but still some way to go.  If the Sch
> update process is anything to go by, I would expect the final PCB solution
> to be quite powerful.  But it is not there yet. The Sch process, when run
> from Sch, is able to target quite specifically which components should be
> updated.
> If you had a known list of libraries I guess you could make a macro to
> through all the libs and do the update - DXP supports both basic macros
> like P99SE and a new Pascal macro language (though there does not seem to
> be a whole lot more you can do with them, in the sense that ther
> attributes are not exposed, you still need a server to do that).
> Ian

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