I would not call this a bug, just Protel getting confused about what you are
actually trying to do.  It could be that the entity that you are trying
to edit is on a disabled layer.
I've had interesting times' and serious problems with panelisation under
99se, I've found that planes get disconnected and routes dropped off.
To get round this, don't use the PCB editor connected to the schematic
through the netlist, but use the PCB as a Gerber editor instead.
Export each of the PCBs (all required layers) you want to panel as Gerbers,
then load the Gerbers into a new, clean PCB in a new database
using "load Gerber batch".
Move the PCBs round as you want, add borders and add tooling holes as
required.  There is no connection to the schematic or netlist
so vias, tracks, planes and holes don't go walkabouts, nor do you get
duplicate ident problems.
The only downside is that text will now be drawn as lines and arcs and not
easily editable :(
You could use Camtastic, it was shipped with later distributions of 99se, I
believe that does have panelisation capabilities, though I've never
used them. (or camtastic for that matter, the CD makes a good coaster

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Sent: 11 July 2003 12:14
Subject: [PEDA] protel bug

Dear sir:
            I 'm meeting a puzzle in using the protel 99 sp6. 
            I have made a pcb, and now want to piece some pcbs together in a
panel.   when I copy the pcb , I select the" paste special->duplicate
designator",but I find that there exist some redundant polygon in the panel,
and can't select to delete them. 
           Maybe you also have met this  case, how you deal with this?
Best regards,
Miao yijun
Phone:(86)25-2262313 EXT 438
Fax: (86)25-2267474

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