I noticed that parts go off center in 99SE also
when changing a parts location by typing
in the X,Y in properties menu.
Especially single pin parts for some reason.
The only way I saw to fix it was update footprint
from library, any better suggestions?

Bob Wolfe

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on your original question about the mid part calculation, I thought that it
was calculated from the center point of the pads within the device. I am not
absolutely sure on that but that is what I recall from experiments that I
did years ago. It seemed to ignore the silkscreen and other layers and
seemed to only calculate using the pads. Try calculating it yourself using
the pad centres of the pads in the device, a device like a TO263 should
easily show where the centre is being calculated from.

On your statement below I would caution you that there is a bug in P99SE
that I discovered a year or more ago when placing parts. If you are moving a
part while pressing the spacebar to rotate it, you can have the part centre
shift off of your cursor location. This is most prevalent if I used a
rotation angle of about 5 degrees. It was worst if you moved the part
quickly while doing the rotation. Not sure that this could be what you have
seen but thought I should mention it.

Brad Velander.

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> Thanks John,
> We had some hall sensors that were placed properly on the PCB
> but when we
> imported the Pick and place files into solid edge to create a
> 3D model and
> mechanical check the halls we not placed correctly.  It turns out that
> because of the part rotation on the PCB, protels calculated
> generated mid
> x,y was different than my ref x,y (which is the center of the part).
> Tim

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