I have no direct experience with the "netlister" that you speak of.

I have not used Mentor Graphics Board Station Version 6 (or are you
referring to something else being "V6") since the last time I was "on lab"
at JPL in 1989, and while I did write a couple of interesting little
Utilities that did a couple of different things to the "wires" file (or
possibly it was called the "routes" file instead (?)), such as "rotate" the
"routes" (routed traces) for the board (so the entire board could be rotated
90, 180, or 270 degrees), since in Board Station 6, (or at least 6.2) only
an unrouted board could be rotated (it would not allow you to rotate the
board along with placed traces). My solution to this limitation was to copy
the "wires" file, and then delete it, and then rotate the unrouted board by
the amount that you wanted to rotate it, and then rotate the "traces" in the
"wires" file using my little Utility, and then copy back the rotated traces
in the rotated "wires" file into the design directory, and walla! - instant
rotated board with traces intact. Another thing I wrote a Utility to do, was
to move selected layers in an already routed board down in the stackup a
specified number of layers, so that a certain number of additional layers
could be added in the center of the board. This too was accomplished by
manipulating the "wires" file.

If I remember correctly, Board Station 6 ran on an Apollo platform (at least
the ones that we used at JPL did), and I had to copy the "wires" file over
to a PC via the network, and then copy the "wires" file off onto a diskette,
and then take it home and work my magic on it on my own PC at home, and then
copy it back to a diskette and then go back across the network.

Unfortunately, I never did any playing around with the netlist.

And I can't remember if there ever actually was an intermediate (seperate)
netlist file involved in the processing of a schematic.

If there is an intermediate (separate) netlist file, it will show you the
required format, and you might be able to do a quickie examination for
compatability to the output from the Protel "formatter(?)" to the format
required for Board Station 6.

However, if such an intermediate (separate) file is not used, one thing that
I do remember about Board Station 6, was that every single operation or
keyboard entry, generated a corresponding entry in a "script file" that was
about 37 and a half miles long, that accounted for each and every minute
operation that would ever be performed, and the one thing that was unique
about this "script file", was that if you ever lost or corrupted your design
files for any reason, you could completely recreate them from scratch simply
by "executing" the "script file" (or relevant portion thereof) from scratch.

Ok, so what this means practically, is that minimally you should be able to
determine the format of a netlist by simply looking at either a netlist
file, or if that is not directly available, by looking at the "script file"
that results by compiling a schematic (or associating it, or whatever it was
that we did to it (it has only been a short eon and a half ago since I did
any of this, and the cells in that corner of the brain are a little
oxidized)), and seeing how that compares with what is generated by the
Protel "formatter(?)".

Anyway, I believe that in the worst case, you would only have to make a
netlist look like a script file to be able to "execute it" and enter it into
Board Station 6. You might want to run this by your guy with Board Station 6
and see what he has to say about all of this.

But now if you wanted to take your gerbers and generate a "wires"file of
traces . . .

Just kidding . . .


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Due to time constraints I need to issue one of our partner companies
with a netlist rather than a completed board.

They use MG Board station as their layout tool.

Has anyone used the Board station V6 netlister in 99SE successfully?
Or can offer any advice on re-formatting or combining the files
generated by 99SE?

I have already searched on MG Support Net for information on the netlist
format for EN2002 but cannot find it (unless it is hidden in some other


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