Thanks Jami
The end application is EN2002 version but 99SE seems only to have a MGBS
V6 netlister. 

Like most of the netlisters in 99SE and DXP they are well out of sync
with the latest versions of other vendors tools :-(

There is currently no PCB file, only the SCH project from another design
which will be reused as it is a proven block.

I do not mind writing a utility to create any macros or otherwise to
merge the 99SE outputs to some kind of readable format if it is not too
involved. (and from what I read below there might not be a separate
netlist file anyway).

My Spanish colleagues will be back on Monday so I will ask if an
intermediate file exists and get a copy of one.

An alternative route I have not tried yet is CAM350, but I cannot access
that until Tuesday. I believe I can create a protel PCB with just a
netlist imported (delete parts after load), export as PCAD ASCII, save
in CAM350 and then export as Mentor format file. Hopefully my friend has
licensed these options! 

Long way for a short path, but I did not expect it to be easy.

Best Regards

John A. Ross

RSD Communications Ltd
8 BorrowMeadow Road
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Stirling, Scotland FK7 7UW

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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Mentor Board Station Netlister
> John,
> I have no direct experience with the "netlister" that you speak of.
> I have not used Mentor Graphics Board Station Version 6 (or 
> are you referring to something else being "V6") since the 
> last time I was "on lab" at JPL in 1989, and while I did 
> write a couple of interesting little Utilities that did a 
> couple of different things to the "wires" file (or possibly 
> it was called the "routes" file instead (?)), such as 
> "rotate" the "routes" (routed traces) for the board (so the 
> entire board could be rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees), since 
> in Board Station 6, (or at least 6.2) only an unrouted board 
> could be rotated (it would not allow you to rotate the board 
> along with placed traces). My solution to this limitation was 
> to copy the "wires" file, and then delete it, and then rotate 
> the unrouted board by the amount that you wanted to rotate 
> it, and then rotate the "traces" in the "wires" file using my 
> little Utility, and then copy back the rotated traces in the 
> rotated "wires" file into the design directory, and walla! - 
> instant rotated board with traces intact. Another thing I 
> wrote a Utility to do, was to move selected layers in an 
> already routed board down in the stackup a specified number 
> of layers, so that a certain number of additional layers 
> could be added in the center of the board. This too was 
> accomplished by manipulating the "wires" file.
> If I remember correctly, Board Station 6 ran on an Apollo 
> platform (at least the ones that we used at JPL did), and I 
> had to copy the "wires" file over to a PC via the network, 
> and then copy the "wires" file off onto a diskette, and then 
> take it home and work my magic on it on my own PC at home, 
> and then copy it back to a diskette and then go back across 
> the network.
> Unfortunately, I never did any playing around with the netlist.
> And I can't remember if there ever actually was an 
> intermediate (seperate) netlist file involved in the 
> processing of a schematic.
> If there is an intermediate (separate) netlist file, it will 
> show you the required format, and you might be able to do a 
> quickie examination for compatability to the output from the 
> Protel "formatter(?)" to the format required for Board Station 6.
> However, if such an intermediate (separate) file is not used, 
> one thing that I do remember about Board Station 6, was that 
> every single operation or keyboard entry, generated a 
> corresponding entry in a "script file" that was about 37 and 
> a half miles long, that accounted for each and every minute 
> operation that would ever be performed, and the one thing 
> that was unique about this "script file", was that if you 
> ever lost or corrupted your design files for any reason, you 
> could completely recreate them from scratch simply by 
> "executing" the "script file" (or relevant portion thereof) 
> from scratch.
> Ok, so what this means practically, is that minimally you 
> should be able to determine the format of a netlist by simply 
> looking at either a netlist file, or if that is not directly 
> available, by looking at the "script file" that results by 
> compiling a schematic (or associating it, or whatever it was 
> that we did to it (it has only been a short eon and a half 
> ago since I did any of this, and the cells in that corner of 
> the brain are a little oxidized)), and seeing how that 
> compares with what is generated by the Protel "formatter(?)".
> Anyway, I believe that in the worst case, you would only have 
> to make a netlist look like a script file to be able to 
> "execute it" and enter it into Board Station 6. You might 
> want to run this by your guy with Board Station 6 and see 
> what he has to say about all of this.
> But now if you wanted to take your gerbers and generate a 
> "wires"file of traces . . .
> Just kidding . . .
> JaMi
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> Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 6:44 AM
> Subject: [PEDA] Mentor Board Station Netlister
> Due to time constraints I need to issue one of our partner 
> companies with a netlist rather than a completed board.
> They use MG Board station as their layout tool.
> Has anyone used the Board station V6 netlister in 99SE 
> successfully? Or can offer any advice on re-formatting or 
> combining the files generated by 99SE?
> I have already searched on MG Support Net for information on 
> the netlist format for EN2002 but cannot find it (unless it 
> is hidden in some other
> manual)
> Thanks
> Best Regards
> John A. Ross
> RSD Communications Ltd
> 8 BorrowMeadow Road
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