On 03:04 PM 17/10/2003, Kirill 'Big K' Katsnelson said:
I remember there were "find/replace" type queries in P99.  While the
new query language is unquestionably excellent (I am able to create so
precise PCB design rules that I would not even dreamed of having with other
products I ever worked with!), I cannot find any search an replace analogue.

Yes I can replace attributes of all matching entities by using Inspeactor,
but all with the same one vlaue, but I am missing more complex replacement
options, such as substitution of the original string.  Is there one?

Substring replacement works in the List not in Inspector. Make a selection query and then right click in the column of the List panel that you want to edit. You can then use the P99SE-style {old=new} sub-string replacement. I have put in a request that it be made to work in Inspector as well, but I can't recall if there was ever any comment on this. If you do have a comment on this then post it to the Altium form or [EMAIL PROTECTED] If we can garner enough support then maybe it will happen.

Dreaming on, can I evaluate an expression on all entities matching a query?
For example, I want to copy the Comment attribute to the Value property of
some parts; I can easily query them but then I do not know how to actually
copy and modify attribute and property values.  Is this possible?

DXP allows you to dereference parameters in the Comment field. So you can put =Value into the Comment field and it will show whatever the Value parameter is. If you click on the arrow to the right of the Comment field (not in Inspector but in the part dialog) you will see the list of parameters that have been defined.

As for being able to do more complex stuff - I guess this is where the scripting stuff would come in. I have not investigated, yet the capabilities or limitations on the DXP scripting engines (there is now a basic and a pascal variant).


(Standard comment - the Altium DXP forum has the advantage of active participation by Altium programmers and support staff. You won't get that here.)

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