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I thought this was *the* mailing list :)

Well, it was until DXP. Altium had a Beta list which they owned, and they just continued it with the released product. And since they own the list, and can thus theoretically boot any abusive writer off of it (though I haven't heard of this happening), they feel safer to allow employees to participate regularly.

They used to participate here, until they realized that employees were getting involved in flame wars, etc., though I've only heard this, I didn't witness it. By the time I came on board, you never saw a Protel employee post here, I think there was an explicit policy against it. Sometimes "Protel CSC" would post, where the users did not come up with an answer and Protel Customer Service did have one. And rarely, others would post, such as Mr. Martin, if I recall correctly.

But when I started writing here, the environment was not very healthy. Many user posts were rants against Protel, and it seemed like the Protel employees were huddled behind the barricades.... I tried to bridge that gap, partly by noting, "hey, guys, if this software is so terrible, why don't we use something else? But, in fact, I did the research, and, with all its faults, I chose to buy Protel and the dollars came out of my own pocket...."

There are actually a series of lists, and perhaps it will be useful to take the opportunity to mention them:

PEDA ... you are reading now. Owned by Techserv, which mostly keeps its hands off.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] Backup and alternate list, owned by me in trust for the Association (which can take possession any time it chooses). I highly recommend that all Protel users (including DXP) join this list, it won't add seriously to your traffic, and if you need it quickly, it might take a day or two to join.

there are a series of other protel-users lists on yahoogroups which serve particular purposes:

protel-users-association. The means by which the Association makes one of its rare decisions.
protel-users-resale. Used to post ads (for-sale and wanted-to-buy) for Protel licenses and ask resale questions.

and there are others on yahoogroups, each with its own special purpose. Most have very little activity, a few have substantial membership.

You can find all the protel-related lists on yahoogroups by going to

There are some duplications between lists over which we have little control.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] was started to provide a place for open discussion. After that, Techserv started the Open Topic Forum, duplicating the specialty....

And there is also on Techserv the Developer's Forum, just to be more complete.

If it were up to me, newcomers would be subscribed at one time to a whole series of sublists, and they would then opt out of sublists that did not interest them. The present model doesn't work very well, Open Topic is mostly a waste of time because few are subscribed there. On the other hand, there are few posts, so having everyone subscribed (as a default) would allow a better discipline in where posts go. Yet people could still opt out of having to review tedious discussions of little interest to them....

I've had a lot of ideas about all this, but the last year has been pretty crazy for me. Things are clearing up, I hope, and I may be able to get back to Association business....

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