19/11/2003 21:41:11, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax 

>Well, the documentation is not adequate for that yet. Yes, 
*something* is 
>wrong, but it is unlikely -- though not impossible -- that the 
problem is 
>with Protel. It might not be a bug or defect at all, just some 
>garbage that ended up in RAM, cosmic ray perhaps. 

It's repeatable across continents, and utterly repeatable in my lab. 
I think we can rule out cosmic rays :)

>(I don't know how often 
>that kind of thing actually happens, it must be relatively rare.)

Xilinx and Altera are having a bit of a vigorous discussion about 
this at the moment. Some of the up-times are remarkably low...

>Certainly it is possible that there is a Protel bug here. Perhaps 
>should be sending a message that shuts down printing for one 
job and resets 
>the printer before it starts printing a second, and it isn't.

There's an interaction between Protel, the Windows Postscript 
printer driver, and the postscript rendering engine on at least 2 
manufacturers' printers. Not clear who's technically at fault. 

>I could not duplicate the problem. I tried using a laser printer on 
>network. The printer is a Brother HL-1450, and it is one weird 

Is it Postscript? 

Anyway, some datapoints from here...

Print out the text file - all is well. 
Print out the schematic. All is well.  
print out the text file again. Huge mirrored text. 
Reset the printer from the front panel. 
print out the text file again. All is well. 
Turn on 'page independence' in the print driver
Turn on 'send Ctrl-D before and after each print job' in the print 
print the schematic - all is well
print the text file - huge mirrored text, do the printer needs a 
more robust reset than a Ctrl-D to clear this state. 
print the text file to a postscript file - renders fine in ghostscript.
Concatenate the schematic postscript and text postscript. 
Ghostscript gets scaling horribly wrong, and saves those horribly 
wrong settings when it closes, and reuses them when it restarts. I 
go for a coffee. 
Something's definitely afoot, but I can't see Protel putting a lot of 
effort into hunting it down. If anyone wants some postscript files 
posting to them, let me know... There's certainly some odd-
looking stuff at the start of the text postscript - but that's par for 
the course for machine-generated PS. 
(I wonder if your weird and ugly font is my huge, backwards font 
filtered through a different postscript interpreter?)


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