On 09:28 AM 15/01/2004, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
At 05:06 AM 1/14/2004, you wrote:
While updating a schematic that has many parts with hidden fields I found that a lot of these hidden fields need to re-appear. After unhiding the part description of several parts in the Sch editor I cannot help but thinking that there must be an easier way than manually following the same sequence over and over:
[description of editing a single part deleted]
Has anyone found an easier/faster way to achieve this?

Sure, use a Global edit. If you need to make all hidden fields appear on all parts, you can pick any part and use it as a base in 99SE for a global edit. Just double-click on it, press the Global button, and check "Hidden Fields," -- this should automatically check the Hidden Fields checkbox in the Copy Attributes section -- then accept the edit. All hidden fields on your schematic will appear, you can choose if you want to work with just one schematic or with all schematics in a project, it is an option in the Global dialog.

Then double-click on the field you want to make visible on all parts. Press the Global button and unhide the field. Here the selection criteria to use, and exactly how to proceed with the edit, will vary with exactly what you are trying to do. One trick is to select all the parts that you want to affect by the edit, and then use Selection as one of your match criteria. Presumably you don't need to display empty fields, so you can use field matching to hide empty fields. It's worth learning how to use Global Edits in 99SE, they are a very powerful tool.

In DXP, it's different.... I'll leave that to someone else.....

In DXP you would use the Parameter Manager - a spreadsheet like widget that allows access to all part parameters. No need to open up each part.

The only problem with the global edit solution (in P99SE) is that it can be a pain undoing the unhide later - particularly when you have some parts where you want to show some or all of the hidden fields. Maintaining a selection during the filed editing can help but is unreliable. I am not sure - can you use an unused field (if you have one) to mark which parts you want to do the unhide and rehide operations? I am not sure if you can match by fields in globals - too long since I used P99SE.


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