At 08:55 PM 1/18/2004, Ian Wilson wrote:
The only problem with the global edit solution (in P99SE) is that it can be a pain undoing the unhide later - particularly when you have some parts where you want to show some or all of the hidden fields. Maintaining a selection during the filed editing can help but is unreliable.

It could be said to be reliable -- selections don't just change on their own -- but it is quirky. For example, if you select a part, the displayed part fields appear as selected. But if you then edit one of the fields, the selection box is not checked.

I am not sure - can you use an unused field (if you have one) to mark which parts you want to do the unhide and rehide operations? I am not sure if you can match by fields in globals - too long since I used P99SE.

Yes, you can match by fields in 99SE global edits.

There are a number of oddities in the 99SE treatment of part fields. They are distinct fields, but a global edit on one of them, say Field 15, will edit all of them, not just Part Field 15.

So if I wanted to unhide a particular field for many parts, I'd think of editing the field to have, say, XX at the beginning. I'd use the spreadsheet to do this. Then I could use a global edit keyed on XX* to unhide the fields. Then I could use the spreadsheet to remove the XX, and also, if I wanted, rehide hidden fields, or that could be done with a global edit.

I'd say that this was an area where Protel Schematic was functional, but not very well executed, not consistent. It would have been easy if the Hide attribute for the fields had been included in spreadsheet export. But it wasn't. I haven't looked at DXP in this regard, but it sounds from Mr. Wilson's comments that DXP does allow spreadsheet or spreadsheet-type access to the necessary fields.

But the loss of easy global edits hurts. They could have been improved instead of being completely replaced....

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