>so does the Electra router do fan outs that are nice so that you
>don't have to do them manually?
>Dennis Saputelli

Actually the ELECTRA router did a cleaner job of fanning out than   Spectra.  We  used 
the same "do" file to test both routers. The objective was to place vias on grid, and 
allow 1 trace between vias.  The reason we thought Electra was cleaner... traces 
exit'd the vias from the center of via, where Spectra often ran traces tangent to the 
vias.  The same test were run on both routers.  Subsequent clean and miter passes on 
Spectra did not help. We do not have a do file for BGAs so BGAs I recommend doing in a 
library pattern.   All of the fannouts were made on SOICs, and QFP packages. 

ORCAD...is actually pretty good however it is two generations behind 99SE. The program 
is comparable to Protel 98 ( which was fairly solid).  It has the same number of 
layers, a few less features, and is also packaged with the same Protel router.  I am 
not sure how that ever worked out.  One of my PCB freinds swears by the Orcad 
router....maybe he doesnt know any better.   He also told me that Cadence has not been 
supportive of the Orcad products, by sending support and development to India and also 
preferring to sale you the "scalable" packages into Allegro.    I think Cadence has 
reversed this in the past few months.  Definition of scalable  =  not all features are 

While I am on here, I also wish Tim Good Luck.  And in case any of you missed my 
posting a few months ago regarding Max Henzi's (Pentalogix) software,   Try it!  We 
are using Pentalogix Viewmaster for DRC checking.  The one feature I cann't live 
without is finding hanging traces.  This program works great.

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