Yep, I'm still lurking....

I don't actually recall the problem or solution - I have a terrible
memory :(

I've asked my colleague, he does more day-to-day work in PCB than me and
he recalls the following....

We need to save ASCII PCB for our assembly house that can't read 99se
and beyond files into their manufacturing software. The simple solution
was to delete all poly planes before saving as ASCII. As the planes are
on internal layers they are of no use to the assembly house.

We've been using DXP for some time now, I know the problem does not
occur in DXP. I can't recall the last time we saved an ASCII PCB, though
I expect he does the same thing just to save issuing a huge ASCII file.

DXP is much more efficient as it also supports proper split planes and
area fills, poly planes are now only needed for certain situations.


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On 11:27 AM 26/02/2004, Darcy Davis said:
>Hey Folks,
>I've been getting an error while trying to save a PCB file in ascii
>in Protel 99SE sp6. I get the message
>Design Explorer Error!
>File C:\....\Temp\xxx.tmp is too large.

Jason Morgan had a similar problem way back in August 2002.

 From the look of it there was no obvious solution then - Jason are you 
still on this forum?  (I will ask on the DXP forum as I know he is over 
there and I will see if DXP behaves differently.)

It looks to me like there is some real limit in the size of ASCII PCB
- The size may depend on the size of polygons as well.

Well - I just did an unscientific test on DXP 2004.  A *very* large
with four massive polygons saved to ASCII as about 104MBytes.

So either there is something else that triggers this limit (funny that
is the same as Jasons limit from a few years ago) or DXP behaves

The file format in DXP is different.  The binary format actually
heaps of stuff that looks like the P99SE ASCII format.  So maybe the 
problem had to be fixed in order to support large binary-format designs.


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