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Hey guys,

I've got a problem I can't figure out. We do a lot of interconnect with wires soldered into a single pad. We generally designate them as "E?."

I cannot figure out how to relate the pad to the schematic. I've tried using the one pin "CON1" out of the library. I've tried naming a port symbol. Neither seem to work with the "Update schematic" option.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

As long as the wire ends are not on the schematic as components the synchroniser doesn't know what to do.

I will assume that you are talking about wires with no fixed relation between start- and enpoint, otherwise you could use a (modified) axial resistor...

I use a special (single pin) component for this purpose, its' standard footprint is just a pad with a circle around it on the top overlay.
Without that circle it is very hard to grab the thing as component when the designator gets hidden or erased although a fill on a soldermask (or a mechanical layer) will do the trick too.

For wires that connect points on the same PCB/schematic you need to visualise that wire in the schematic using two single-pin connectors and a line from the drawing tools. Do not use a wire, otherwise you will be stuck with an 'unrouted net' error later on...

Unfortunately there is no way that I know of to mark these two single-pin connectors as a pair in order to make the DRC recognise the 'external' wire correctly.
What one would really need in this case is the PCB equivalent of a multi-part schematic component (and a DRC setting to flag unplaced parts).

Hope this helps....

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