Here are few missing features in 2004 vs 99SE PCB

Tonight's missing feature is:  Option Layers,  non of the short cut keys for ALLON 
ALLOFF work anymore.   They are supposed to work but probably won't until service pack 
2.  So you have to click and pick each one with your freaking little mouse.  

I also ran into a major problem loading a netlist last night...2004 would not load my 
netlist without one specific library opened.  All of my 0603 components caused 2004 to 
yeild a ton of errors until I opened my library containing 0603s. What a pain.  

There are some cool things about the new way of loading a netlist, but overall you 
need to clear it first, the same as 99SE or it will burn you for with incorrect 
netlist information.  The loading is much faster.  I havent tried it on huge huge 
board yet but it looks much faster for netlist loading.   DRC s are faster 
too...except the online drc has a delay.  Read into this as a bug,  since it doesnt 
tell you about your violation until too late.

You know I really dont care that this stuff is still not fixed because Im smart enough 
to find the problems.  What upsets me is there are new methods to throw the same bugs 
at me.  What is this? Do l just look stupid and wrapping the same bug in another 
wrapper is going to fool me?   HA HA HA cant fool me I found WALDO, in the software. 

I am keeping 2004 because I need the other cool new features it has. It does have some 
good stuff and so far I have completed about 4 - 5 designs in 3 weeks so the learning  
curve isnt too steep if you are used to Protel software.  

Oh yea...forgot to mention long overdue feature....complete padstacks. Well done 
Protel and about time.  Did I mention the Specta interface is much better,  I wont 
mention Spectra anymore... Let's all use Electra from ConnectEDA  

Check this out;jsessionid=Q1CFXLA5TWBB0QSNDBCCKHY?articleId=18400124

its a short blirp on this new router (company profile). If you havent tried it, 
download a demo.  It kicks but.  I ve done a few complex designs with it

Mike Reagan
Frederick MD 

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