On 01:58 PM 18/03/2004, edsi said:
Here are few missing features in 2004 vs 99SE PCB

Tonight's missing feature is: Option Layers, non of the short cut keys for ALLON ALLOFF work anymore. They are supposed to work but probably won't until service pack 2. So you have to click and pick each one with your freaking little mouse.

They all work for me. I use these buttons all the time in both PCB and PCBLib. There is *no* way I would not have commented on this before if I had this problem. These are exactly the sort of productivity things (and dialog TAB orders) that really affect daily use.

I also ran into a major problem loading a netlist last night...2004 would not load my netlist without one specific library opened. All of my 0603 components caused 2004 to yeild a ton of errors until I opened my library containing 0603s. What a pain.

Doesn't P99SE have the same issue. You have always had to have the source libraries loaded (not opened).

If a library is not loaded in the library list the component will not be loaded. The difference is that DXP and P2004 allow you to specify exactly which library it should come from and there is none of that silly XREF substitution that P99SE and older could get up to. I *love* the strict library management of DXP. Going back to the "Just grab it from the first lib in the list that has the same footprint name" just doesn't cut it for me. I want full control. The thing I find irritating, a bit, is that if I *fully* specify the source library when nominating the footprint, should I really need to have that library loaded in the Library panel? Surely it can go fetch.


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