On 12:41 AM 19/03/2004, edsi said:
I will respond to both Tony and Ian

TONY and IAN you are both right the class can be shown , with the inpector, and pcb panel up. But not ALWAYS in less keystrokes What I have found is ...the inpector will not always come up with a right dialog. If it comes up blank ,you have to left click for properties, then you can continue to. The minimal keystrokes is 8 .....Can I tolerate this? yes.

I am making the same assumptions as you wrote offline that the pcb panel is showing, and the inspector is docked. This is a vast improvement over typing queries, I can live with 8 keystokes, sometimes it is less.

As I wrote to you, with certain layouts of the panels and configuration of the PCB panel options I can do it in three clicks or 2 clicks and one key. The configuration of the options would be something that someone doing a lot with net classes would setup appropriately. I am never seeing 8 keystrokes - in fact I am not using the keys at all (unless I use <enter> to commit the change in Inspector (then it is one less click).

You mention keystrokes. What keystrokes are you using? Can you give me the sequence?

Tony, I agree It can be reduced to less keystroke but you cant rely on the inpector to come up with the right dialog.. Will this work? yes and I will continue my saga

I don't have this problem, or I haven't seen it in the testing I have been doing recently. The Inspector could stay blank if you don't have the Select option checked on the PCB panel. The Inspector only shows the properties for selected objects. Another possible cause of something similar is *not* having Clear Selection option checked on the PCB panel. Without this you may find you are building up selections when you click on a net class in the PCB panel. Then Inspector will only show those properties that are common to all selected objects. Is this what you are seeing or not?

I am continuing to work on this as a challenge. I am trying to make the P99SE method as quick as possible and then see if I can do as well or better in DXP/P2004. I am not able to do as well in P99SE as DXP right now but I am trying to figure out what I am doing differently from those that say four clicks to show a bunch of nets. I get more clicks and also some typing.

The Inspector is a bit touchy at times, or it seems like it. The biggest issue I have with it is in Sch. If I have stuff selected in one sheet and then go to another sheet and select something the Inspector may not show what I expect as it is only showing the stuff common to both selections. X-A is not always enough to sort this out as it only clears the selection on the current document. The new X-D clears all selections on all documents (of the same type). In fact, I usually re-jig X-A and X-D so that X-A clears all across all docs as I am *sooo* programmed with X-A after all these years.


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