>Unless you mean the "Double Click Runs Inspector"
option?  Neither of these options make any difference on my setup - one
click on a net class in the PCB panel will fill in the Inspector ready for
me to hide or unhide all the nets of the class.

That is precisely what I mean... I have to double click to get the inspector
to show the right information.  I am sure it is a setup problem.  Minor
issue, and not  a problem.  I would rather double click on things anyway.

>So where does that leave us.  You answer this email and I will give you
last word - promise,

There is no last word.... the work continues.   I think the inspector is ok,
as I mentioned it is quirky.  I will post  specific quirks.   During all of
our discussion for the past two nights, I managed to lock up the inspector,
and caused an access violation.  Im not sure what happened.  But we found
the solution Thank you again TONY and IAN. I owe you both a brew.

There are a few other annoyances in DXP/2004 such as ...renumbering multiple
pins on a library part.  Earlier versions of Protel would default the tab on
the number.  This one defaults to the hole size which is a pain.    In
version 2.8 the default was the last one you used.  I really miss that
because I could set up whether I was editing holes, pad size, or pin number
by the way I closed the edit menu.    That was really cool.     The
inspector is not friendly for editing multiple pin numbers since you have to
click elsewhere to execute.     I wish Protel would take a look at a PADS
feature and let you start at Pin 1 and auto increment pins  as you click on
each succeeding pin. This method also decreased chances for errors.

I use my keys in conjunction with the mouse.  As I mentioned the keys on
Layers does not function.  There are a few other areas in the program that
the keys do not work at all.   The ESC key is one that comes to mind.    In
99SE the ESC key works on   every command and menu except  PASTE SPECIAL
where you had to click on cancel.  What a pain since it was consistent with
every other menu.

I keep the inspector locked in my pcb panel all of the time, I wish I could
delete the silly ass little board inside my pcb panel.   It is occupying
valuable space that I need to use for other more important information.
Actually I would like to customize the pcb panel and  remove all of the
ACCEL like (useless)  information.  I have never seen more useless
information presented in multiple formats as it is in ACCEL/PCAD....DXP/2004
program is approaching PCAD with allot of useless information in  the panels
and other dialogs.  For example I have to filter all of that and the silly
graphics  just to edit one co-ordinate.  The text edit is really silly
looking because it come up at a weird angle.  My eyes are not adjusted to
read 45 degree text.  It is overkill

Two unsolved issues that I have:  I want to find out why my 0603 components
would not load into a design the other day.  Maybe there was a hidden TAB in
the netlist after "0603".  The weird thing was that after I opened the
library with the part, it loaded my netlist.   This may not have anything to
do with 2004 but never the less needs my investigation, since I use these
parts often.

The other thing I want setup is custom layer sets which I haven't figured
out yet.  I had 99 set up really slick with short cut keys to all signal
layer, all planes, placement layers, etc.   Anyone offering help in this
department?  Tech support sent me link to learn programming.....I m not sure
that is the correct answer.

OK Ian you are partially correct, Tony was 100 percent correct when he
outlined the view class method two days ago. You are partially correct when
you said there was nothing that takes more step in DXP. I did not agree with
you solution.

Keep in touch.

Mike Reagan

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