Ian wrote
The Inspector is a bit touchy at times, or it seems like it.

Yea thats basically the quirk.  If the inpector come up with right selection,  then 
the classes can be shown in two clicks.   But since it rarely does for net classes, 
(it works for other objects)it takes 8 steps    Here are the steps I am using:  

With the inpector locked into my pcb panel, and a net class already defined

Click one on the net class
Click two on the first net in the class  Hold the shift key down
click three scroll down if required to the last net of the same class
Click  four on the last net of the class with the shift key down 
click five left click properties
key   escape  this sets the inpector  count as one click
click seven  on HIDE
click eight again somewhere to execute the change

Thats the best I can do.  I am I doing somthing wrong in with the inspector?


Panel is up, net class created
your count was one extra,  disable the global confirmation in Options Display.  This 
gets the keystroke/click to 5  not 4 as previously stated by me.

5 or 8  isnt that big of a deal I guess, since I dont use this command on regular 
basis.  But I did use it a ot today and found something else that could be improved 

I set up net classes for routing,  my first  task was to name my class  NET CLASS PDU. 
  it includes nets PDU 0 -PDU 7.   Now I want to name add more rules to this net 
class.  I assign net class PDU to only layer 1.   I can  not use the same name PDU for 
my layer definition rule.    I have to call it PDU1, if I want to add more rules to I 
have to call the subsequent one with a different name again.  Rule name  PDU can not 
be used twice even of the rules are in different categories.

That is only part of it, I assigned class PDU to layer 1.  Yet PROTEL will allow me to 
route this trace on any layer with out any error checking either batch or online.  The 
design contraints only work for the router output but not for the program. I am 
missing layer checking rules

Mike Reagan

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