On 01:30 PM 19/03/2004, edsi said:
AHA I have the same (differeny) set up in 2004 as you did in 99SE. I have my 2004 set up for double clicking.

Huh! I don't know what you mean here. I know of only one option to change single-click/double click sort of stuff and it is supposed to be restricted to the Projects panel (System Preferences, Project Panel and then the single click option). Unless you mean the "Double Click Runs Inspector" option? Neither of these options make any difference on my setup - one click on a net class in the PCB panel will fill in the Inspector ready for me to hide or unhide all the nets of the class.

You had 99SE globals on two hits. So now if I double click on the net class I get the correct dialog in the inspector. It is a setup descrepancy, So Tony was right last night. Techmically two clicks and net classes can be shown or hidden. Now doest this beat the hell out of ( IS my net here) ?.

Yep sure is. There are actually many of these sorts of things. Stuff can be done through the panels but also with queries. Sometimes old codgers (like me) need to be pushed to investigate new ways of doing stuff.

Thanks Ian for your help even if I didnt use any (if) querries
BTW I used to do database management so I am aware of querry language, I have no use for it here

You will, but you should hopefully find you don't need to use them all that much. Ideally they should be something that is used when you want the power rather than something that has to be used regularly. For me, if it is something I am doing rarely, it is sometimes faster to bang out the query than find the GUI method of doing something - but I am sure that is not for everyone.

So where does that leave us. You answer this email and I will give you last word - promise,

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