Dear John,

Thank you very much for the tips.The problem got solved by moving the
'multilayer' to top .
Regarding the second problem, I downloaded a few .sch files containing
microcontroller circuits from the net. The lib ref. and footprints used by
the designer can be seen by double clicking on a symbol. For eg for a relay
it is Pro4184.TMP_SSRELAY_13 and SSRELAY1 respecively. Now , I don't know
where I can search for the footprint SSRELAY1 since to my knowledge, there
is no search 'by footprint' in 99SE.I gather it is there in DXP but I don't
have DXP.Unfortunately, the designer has not provided the footprint
library.So the problem may remain unsolved.

Anyway, thanks again for your valued help.

Paresh Pai
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> Hi everybody.
> I am facing the following problems in 99SE
> 1. I have designed a single sided PCB for a microcontroller
> programmer. It has a 7812 regulator chip which is to be
> soldered and also fitted to the PCB (using a small nut), so
> that the PCB ground copper acts like a heat sink. To do this,
> I have placed a rectangular copper fill with a hole in the
> center and aligning the hole with that of the 7812 (TO220
> package).To generate the hole I placed a pad(multilayer) and
> adjusted its hole size to be equal to X-size and Y-size (all
> 100 mil).But when I generate a print preview by using
> following settings, I do not see the hole in the copper fill.
> The whole copper fill appears as black.
> The settings I use are :
> Include Top side
> Include bottom side
> Include double sides ........ all are selected(checked)
> Show holes ......selected(checked)
> Color set....... Black & White
> The layers selected in the preview are
> Bottom layer
> Keepout layer
> Multilayer
> Can anybody help me to find the hole ?

That seems strange, your layer build up works OK for me, show drill hole
in preview.

Have you tried promoting the multilayer pad to the top of the list?

I tried the same thing using a fill on the top layer instead (I know you
do not us it) and had to promote the multilayer to the top before I
could see the hole for the 'tab'

Try moving the 'multilayer' layer to the top and have all other layers
below it.

> 2. My second problem is regarding libraries.
> When I load a new schematic, is there any way to know the
> library from where  each component was taken by the designer
> of the schematic ? If you double-click on a component , it
> shows the library reference,footprint etc.  but the library
> is not known. Similarly in PCB editor, it shows the footprint
> etc. but the library is not shown.

I have never had to do that so I do not know.

Working with multiple libraries with possibly same name parts is always
a bad idea.

However if you have concerns, you can create a separate project library
from the PCB and SCH For PCB it would be Design, Make Library. All
footprints currently active on your PCB will be merged into one library.


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