On 08:10 AM 31/03/2004, edsi said:

It is now afternoon, the netlist I received this morning is obsolete. No problem. There are only changes are 4 footprints, SO8 TO SO14. I can handle that I boast to the customer. I modify his netlist accordingly. Cough Cough Choke, 2004 will not update the parts no matter what I do. I shut everything down, bring it back up and one part is updated to S014. This can not be me.

Is there anyone out there that has actally done this proceedure 100 times and not just read about it? It has to be buggy if only one part changed. ARGHH

Mike Reagan

Sounds like a bug.

I have updated many times but not from external netlists. I thought there had been a discussion on the dxp forum similar to this but I can't find it - it might have been along the lines of having to run the import/ECO/Compare/"whatever it is called now" multiple times or something like that. It may have also been in DXP days not in P2004 days. I just can't recall and my search of my archive didn't show anything obvious.

Does the ECO say it will attempt to make the change (from SO8 to SO14)? If does the Validate button on the ECO dialog show green or red for these footprint change macros? We have already discussed that it would be nice if the report was much more detailed on what is wrong and/or missing.

In the stuff above you wrote "SO8 TO SO14" but then later wrote "is updated to S014" - I assume the change from 'O' (oh) to '0' (zero) is a typo and not part of the issue.

From KB item 3496, which discusses reasons for components not being loaded into a PCB:
The search sequence for each footprint is:
1) PCB Libraries in the current PCB project.
2) PCB Libraries in the Installed Libraries list. Note that the list of libraries can be ordered.
3) Any Search Paths defined in the Project Options dialog.

This may have some relevance to you earlier comment in this thread but I am betting very much that you already knew this and that the libraries with the 0603s were available. (The missing footprints weren't entered as o603 or something like that were they? Silly question I guess. Who was it that asked for the old slash through the zero to be brought back.)


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