At 05:46 PM 4/10/2004, Dennis Saputelli wrote:
[Steve Wiseman wrote:]
> > (I wonder if that's still the case in 2004 - my copy just turned up.
> > Reading the license suggested that I'd have to remove my copy of
> > 99SE, and I'm damned if I'm doing that, so time for a chat with the
> > distributor and Altium, I guess).

I don't have an easy way to access the 2004 license, though I have it installed (in addition to P99SE). My memory from reading licenses is that the new license subsumes upgraded licenses. There is no intention, I'm sure, on the part of Altium to prohibit the use of the older version by someone who is licensed for the newer version. In fact, they used to give copies of v2.8 to people who were using later versions and who needed the Tango import included in 2.8.

What they don't want, and are attempting to prohibit, is for the older license to become a second seat, something independent, perhaps even something saleable. (One of the things we check when considering the purchase of a license for resale is whether or not it has ever been upgraded. If so, it is not saleable; i.e., Altium will not recognise the sale or *might* interpret the sale as a sale of the *new* license. With older versions, this was not completely clear in the license; I assume it has become clearer.)

Don't worry about it! Even if they wanted to, Altium would have a devil of a time trying to enforce the license the way that Mr. Wiseman has interpreted it, especially given that they could easily manage the installation such that the older version was removed. I've installed software that required an older version to be removed, it is done sometimes. No, their intention, I'm certain, is to permit such continued multiple-version installations. It is a necessity!

If there is something about the license language that is unclear or that really does seem, on reflection, to prohibit continued use of P99SE, bring us the language instead of talking about what it "suggests." "Suggestions" in licenses are of no effect except to *permit* what is suggested.

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