On 01:03 PM 5/05/2004, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:

i know you can snap components to grid but what about other draw objects?

I would not rule out that there is a way to do this in DXP, though it could be more trouble than it would be worth, but my question is, really, why do you want this?

You can move rooms to the grid in P2004 - depending on the rules that have been set up using the rooms this will probably move everything in the room but it won't necessarily move them to grid.

You have a set of tracks. You want to move them to, perhaps, tighten them up. If you are routing with Place Interactive, and you have Mode/Push Obstacle enabled, banging a track up against your collection of tracks will shove them to design rule clearance. If, for example, you had 8 mil tracks on a 20 mil grid, and your clearance rule is 8 mils for those nets, Shove will compress them to 8/8. And you don't even have to do anything but route your next track.....

Manual routing in Protel is really gridless. That is, you may use a grid for convenience, but what will ultimately control track spacing is not just the grid, but the clearance rules. Isn't this the way it should be?

Also, don't forget that instead of re-positioning individual tracks it is (usually) easier to use the Loop Removal feature, along with the electrical snap, and simply replace the section of interest. This works especially well when running around with bunch of internal corners (the Avoid Obstacle mode keeps you at the design rule) but is not quite as good when going around an external corner. I have suggested that there be some sort of support added (to P2004) for hugging external corners when manual routing and the Avoid Obstacle mode is on.

I agree with Abd ul-Rahman, for the last few years I have been increasingly (and now exclusively) routing gridless - I set my clearance rules and then use the placement modes to keep everything happy. Rework with Loop Removal means I don't have to worry about tracks being on grid or difficulties in maintaining 45 deg angles.

Is this the sort of thing you are worried about. I assume Menotor would have all these same sort of tools and features. As Abd ul-Rahman asked, what and why do you want to move to grid? It may help us answer better.

Ian Wilson

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