At 09:21 PM 5/23/2004, Fritz Oppliger wrote:
I have since moved up to Protel for Windows 3.n.

Perhaps there is someone here who is familiar with version 3. I came in with the next version, Protel 98.

I need to create a footprint for a
52 lead MQFP (S-52) ... being for an Analog Devices ADuC832

Since I am all rusty I'd appreciate pointers as to how to go about
creating such footprint,
how to handle origins etc. without doing treacherous math for the
placement of every pad.
I suppose I make an array of one sides' worth of pins, using step&repeat.
THen copy and paste.
Is there a way to include the pin numbering in the step&repeat process?

Not with copy and paste, I fear. But there are tricks.

Does version 3 have spreadsheet capability? Export to Spreadsheet, I know, was available in the next version. It was still tricky to use, so if the facility is there, ask and someone will explain, I'm sure, how to successfully export and import primitive data to spreadsheet.

In a spreadsheet you can use formulas to modify primitive attributes, such as location or pad number, to create any kind of array you like. I've made very large arrays this way (but in later versions)

If export to spreadsheet is missing (it would be the File or Edit menu), then there is always the raw ASCII database, which is self-documenting and easy to modify. I could describe it but it is really not necessary, I'll only mention that the field separator is "|" -- but you'll see that the moment you look at the file. It is quite possible to import a Protel ASCII pcb file into Excel and modify it there, and write it back into the same format. (It might require some massaging with a text editor, to convert, for example, tab-delimited fields back to pipe-delimited. I've also used a text editor to separate out the field name from the field contents, and then to recombine them.)

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