PH- We review all of our boards in 3D (Unigraphics). It's usually a PITA
with either myself extruding each part one by one, or the mech engineer
doing it and cursing me for not giving him better models. But, it's one
of those things that need to be done. Just wish it was more streamlined.

Bruce Northrop

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Subject: Re: [PEDA] IPC-2581 & IPC-7351.


Is anything being done to standardize 3D modeling for PCB layout? One
I think Altium leads the pack on is closing the loop to mechanical
(3D modeling). Protel is similar to PADS with the Z height but they have

gone one better, you can map a 3D model to your library part so that you
export  an IGES file that can be imported in your 3D modeling software. 
Unlike PADS it is not an cost add on, it comes standard with DXP2004.
was extra $) So all those vendors that have models available can be used

directly by Protel. You can view a model of the pcb assembly and print
Protel. very impressive. Sure, this can be done too on the mechanical
but it works so much nicer when the PCB layout person specs the model.
to have one person make sure the schematic symbol, layout footprint, and
model are all mapped correctly. I guess what I'm wondering is if anybody
collecting 3D models of parts?


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>Subject: Re: [PEDA] IPC-2581 & IPC-7351.
>Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:01:21 -0700
>You can get IPC-2581 Neutral CAD database format from
>You can get IPC-7351 information from several places.
>Or you can download many documents from Download 
>Documents section.
>You can also get a free IPC-7351 Land Pattern Calculator (called -
>Navigator Wizard) by registering on the Main page of
>Over the past 3 1/2 years PCB Libraries has voluntarily helped IPC
>the IPC-7351 specification and the new Land Pattern Calculator.
>The IPC-7351 Land Pattern Calculator can export PADS ASCII data which
>imported into Protel.
>PCB Libraries will soon release 8,000 free Protel Library parts that
>built by the IPC-7351 Navigator Wizard. The first true Standard
>Library (not built by humans but by a software program). Soon there
will be
>a direct Protel interface in the IPC-7351 Navigator Wizard.
>And you can get this software program for free.
>Tom H
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>To: Protel EDA Forum
>Subject: [PEDA] IPC-2581 & IPC-7351.
>Where can I get info on the IPC-2581 & IPC-7351 standards?
>Brian Guralnick

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