Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote:
The was no problem in 99SE because 99SE does not have the repeat section facility of DXP. The question really is not about "hierarchical design," but about "repeat sections." I haven't used this DXP facility, but it is something new and potentially quite useful.

The idea of repeat sections is that a subsheet is repeated *exactly* (except for new reference designators). The system will also handle the PCB repetition, if I understand correctly, i.e., you can design one section and then repeat it. But this does imply identical sections. On the DXP list -- which is the best place to ask DXP questions -- there has been quite a bit of discussion of what to do with multipart components that are used across sections; the general advice seems to be to take those components out of the repeating part and place them on the higher sheet. But I don't think this is a very satisfactory solution.

My own suggestion would be to work with the true repeating section, which in the case described would include both sections of the op amp. Then this would be repeated as many times as the op amp is repeated. In this way, the repeat sections would be identical. This would then match what I would have done in 99SE: repeating sections should be identical, at least at the outset.

Hi Adb ul-Rahman;

Thanks for feedback. Yes, I was asking about repeated sections, sorry about the confusion. I eventually gave up, as it took me a long time to get the netlist to work out. Did you know that the included Altium repeat sections example generates warnings about duplicate nets? Took me ages to realize it was acceptable! (arggh ;-)

I fell back to using straight Hierarchal design. I found that the biggest thing I missed is the separate schematic page for each section. I didn't investigate it further, but I assumed it wouldn't print out the compiled schematics like a regular schematic. I document my schematics via PDF, so it looked like it would be a hassle to print out the individual pages.

One trick we use is to annotate each page as C1xx and R1xx (which is easy in DXP). Then when placing repeats, copy and paste the components, and manually change the components from C1xx to C2xx, etc (I wonder if DXP can speed this up?). Seems to work out fairly well.

But of course, as you mentioned, it is best to talk about this on the DXP list. Got to check out to see if it handles email I/O.


Stephen Noftall

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