R> Am I missing something?? I certainly don't want 'integrated tools'. I'll
R> always use the manufacturer's tools for CPLD/FPGA/..., because I believe
R> that they will be more up-to-date, and with less 'gotchas" than when a
R> third party tries to shoehorn it into their own product. Again I might be
R> wrong, but it can be very time-consuming to find whose fault it is when
R> something doesn't work, and even harder to get it fixed.

I agree somewhat with the comments about third party tools and the possible
finger pointing that could happen if things do not work properly.  However,
you  may wish  to  look closer at  what  P2004 can do for you.

If you are using VHDL almost everything FPGA related can be automated.
The  automatic  generation  of  the  *entire*  FPGA's  schematic  sheet,
drawing  all  the  wires,   assigning nets  to  the  wires,   creating
the off sheet  ports,  creating the pin constraints file,  and the FPGA pin
assignments can be passed down to the PCB automagically.  It's all really very nice.

Given   some  VHDL,   you can create all of the above in about 10 mins
or so (literally).  It would take me days to do all of this manually.
I  see  it  as  a  great  time  saver...want  to change to a different
device...it's no problem.  Manually...it would be a big problem.

R> So, my question... although I haven't put 99SE up yet (I have a trial cd),
R> what little I have seen leads me think that I will feel more comfortable
R> with it than DXP. Is there *anything* in DXP that would make it a must-have
R> over 99SE?
If you are doing a multi channel design at all you need P2004.

R> Of course, when they have an autorouter that *really* works, then I'll be
R> there...

R> Regards,

R> Roger

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