We need to gather a bunch of programmers and designers together and beat
this one out... after a few brews and a couple of black eyes, we might
actually be able to get what the industry really needs.

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Subject: [PEDA] Ver 3.x --> 99SE or DXP??

I've used Protel since the V1.1 days. We stopped upgrading after buying a 
couple of licenses for 3.x, mainly because it does about 99% of our needs. 
I've had cursory looks at other versions as they came out, but nothing 
really grabbed me. Now I'm looking hard (using a trial cd with SP2), but I 
detest the DXP interface - maybe just a personal thing, but it seems like a 
lot of froth and bubble, done (not particularly well) by programmers for 
their own gratification, instead of as a straightforward, hardworking, 
everyday tool.

Am I missing something?? I certainly don't want 'integrated tools'. I'll 
always use the manufacturer's tools for CPLD/FPGA/..., because I believe 
that they will be more up-to-date, and with less 'gotchas" than when a 
third party tries to shoehorn it into their own product. Again I might be 
wrong, but it can be very time-consuming to find whose fault it is when 
something doesn't work, and even harder to get it fixed.

So, my question... although I haven't put 99SE up yet (I have a trial cd), 
what little I have seen leads me think that I will feel more comfortable 
with it than DXP. Is there *anything* in DXP that would make it a must-have 
over 99SE?

I recall many unhappy posts related to the database system in 99SE, and it 
seems that has been dumped in DXP. Do you lose any significant features in 
99SE if you just use the Windows file system?

Of course, when they have an autorouter that *really* works, then I'll be 



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